We undertake

Project work on varying scales starting from minor involvement (daily consult) to major works such as turnkey project implementation.
We provide gap analyses and health checks to pressure-proof quality management systems.

We manage quality investigations responding rapidly to consumers.

Consumers are increasingly vocal on social media when they are disappointed in the quality of a product. Responding effectively and rapidly to their concerns often is the difference of whether the consumer continues to view a brand favourably or not.
We communicate rapidly with all key stakeholders throughout the supply chain to ensure that quality concerns are investigated and the consumer can be responded to effectively.
We work with your customer query programme and can be embedded within your quality or customer enquiry teams to manage these processes.

We consult on world-class risk management through high care/ risk factory design.

High care or high risk zoning for ready-to-eat food manufacture is an accepted, best-practice method to manage microbial risks including Listeria monocytogenes.
Historically many manufacturing sites achieve an intermediate level of risk management, with significant investment needed to upgrade facilities to the appropriate zoning.
We can prevent expensive mistakes and help you achieve a smoother transition to the appropriate level of risk management by sharing our best-practice insights across a wide array of manufacturing sites.
We can work with your engineering company or involve our engineering partners in your project, whether it is refurbishment or a new build.
Advice we can provide includes layout of facilities, correct placement of floor to ceiling barriers, flows and management of people, product, raw material and waste, drainage and air handling.
In addition, we can advise on best practice allergen segregation and management required today to prevent cross-contact.

We manage product recall processes and provide critical resources when you need them most.

Product recalls are the last resort when quality systems have failed to prevent a serious issue. This is a time of high stress and despite annual mock-recalls organisations may feel under prepared and unsure of all the legally required steps. Communication with regulators, media and consumers is complex, must be timely and must follow a specific sequence to meet all mandated obligations. We have extensive experience in managing public recall situations, liaising with the supply chain, retailers and regulators. We can advise you on appropriate recall procedures and mock recalls or set up a recall management service for you. We manage recalls through close collaboration of all stakeholders, documenting all steps on pre- designed templates and ensuring that legal obligations are met along the way. We also source legal advice where required, place required media advertising and advise on press-releases.

We manage specifications to save you time and meet exacting customer expectations.

Managing specifications during product development and after product launch can be time consuming. Mistakes can also lead to costly rework and even product recalls. Did you know that over 70 product recalls a year in Australia are caused by incorrect labelling, mostly because the specification was incorrect in the first place? Bringing in a specialised AFSIC team to manage your specifications saves considerable time for your quality resources and lets them focus on value-adding activities such as product development. Whether specifications are for your own internal process controls or for customer data requirements, we can take away your concerns and develop a tailored solution for you. AFSIC develop gold-standard templates for specification review and entry and can work on a variety of on-line or stand-alone specification databases. We liaise with clients and their customers to ensure effective specifications are developed and the process is managed in a time-effective manner.

We manage supply chain audits against manufacturer and retailer quality standards.

Increasingly supply chains carry out their own safety and quality risks, often with limited resources to allow them go back through the chain and review suppliers effectively. We review supplier risk based on their certification, material supplied and history of issues and develop prioritised schedules for review. Based on this we can enhance your team’s resources by conducting site visits and audits to provide due diligence for your business.


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