About us

We provide the methods and tools for food safety & quality management for our clients and ensure that the food meets foreign and domestic regulatory requirements . AFSIC was founded on years of research, specialised training and expertise, to ensure food safety from the farm to the table.

Our company is well versed with H.A.C.C.P., ISO 9001:2015, FSSC 22000, EC(MMP)O - 2005, GLOBAL GAP, BRC, SQF, HARPS, Subway Standard, Spotless Standard, KFC Standard, Dept of agriculture & water resources (formerly AQIS) Guidelines to Approved Arrangements, Food Standards Code, Woolworths, Tesco, Sainsbury and Coles

Our Services

We offer an extensive range of services, specific to your needs. Each individual site is assessed and then we find solutions and plans that suit your company or operations.

Some of our many services include:

    Consultancy, Certification (food safety)
    Confidential Internal Food Safety Audits
    Illness Complaint Investigations
    H.A.C.C.P. Plan Development and implementations
    Customized Seminars
    Food safety training for all staff

Our Training

    Managing H.A.C.C.P.
    Internal Auditor
    Lead auditor Food safety Management systems
    Allergen awareness
    Labelling laws and how they affect you.
    Understanding food Microbiology (Good, Bad & the Ugly)
We offer

Project work to suit you, from minor involvement and daily consults, to major works such as turnkey project implementation.

We provide

Gap analyses and health checks to pressure-proof quality management systems.

We manage

Quality investigations and respond rapidly to consumers. We communicate regularly with all key stakeholders throughout the supply chain to ensure that quality concerns are a priority, and that any issues are immediately investigated so the consumer can be responded to effectively.

We bring

To you our knowledge of cookery, food technology, and bio science, and the sound understanding of operational problems the food outlets and food production teams face daily. We can help you monitor and certify as one of your surveillance teams for food safety.

We assist

In the purchase of correct monitoring systems and equipment. We help industry professionals understand, develop and implement food safety plans that allow your operations to run smoothly.

We consult

On world-class risk management through high care/risk factory design. High care or high-risk zoning for ready-to-eat food manufacture is an accepted, best-practice method to manage microbial risks including Listeria monocytogenes. Many manufacturing sites achieve an intermediate level of risk management only after significant investment. We help you prevent expensive mistakes. Whether it is a refurbishment or a new build, we can work with engineers, offer advice on the layout of facilities, correct placement of floor to ceiling barriers, management of people, product, raw material and waste, drainage and air handling. In addition, we can advise on best practice allergen segregation and management required today to prevent cross-contact. We do the work today, to make your job easier tomorrow.

We conduct

Product recall processes and provide critical resources when you need them most. Product recalls are the last resort when quality systems have failed. This is a time of high stress and despite annual mock-recalls organisations may feel under prepared and unsure of all the steps that are legally required. Communication with regulators, media and consumers is complex, needs to be timely, and must follow a specific sequence to meet all mandated obligations. We have extensive experience in managing public recall situations, liaising with the supply chain, retailers and regulators. We can advise you on appropriate recall procedures or set up a recall management service for you.

We manage

Specifications to save you time and ensure you meet customer expectations. Managing specifications during product development and after product launch can be time consuming. Mistakes can also lead to costly rework and even product recalls. Did you know that Australia has over 70 product recalls a year due to incorrect labelling? AFSIC develop gold-standard templates for specification review and entry and can work on a variety of on- line or stand-alone specification databases. We liaise with clients and their customers to ensure effective specifications are developed and that the process is managed in a time- effective manner.

We supervise

Supply chain audits against manufacturer and retailer quality standards. Increasingly supply chains carry out their own safety and quality risks, often with limited resources to allow them go back through the chain and effectively review suppliers. We review supplier risk based on their certification, material supplied and history of issues and then we develop a prioritised schedule for review. Based on this we can enhance your team’s resources by conducting site visits and audits, providing due diligence for your business.

We evaluate

Competency levels in special skilled categories for commercial cookery and general competency in skills for culinary competitions, salon culinaires etc. This includes team coaching and advice on methodology. We provide qualified trainers and assessors to conduct food safety related trainings. The basis of these key competencies are in line with NFROT / ATQF principles.